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Of all that is written beautifully,
Those written in pus and blood transcends.

The Ashes That Birthed Me
I.R. Adams

When Nara says yes to Ugochukwu, she doesn't mean it. But she is threatened to succumb to what is expected of her as an unmarried twenty eight year old.

Ugochukwu sees the change in his Nara, and is willing to journey with her in se...

Neckline Of Colours
Chiziterem Chijioke

We humans(in this case, young adults) all have the same problems. We struggle with tons of different issues that we don't really talk about. So the author thought that if he be the honest one showing how human he is, it would make people feel a li...

The Black Condition
Emmanuel Ebireri

Have you ever been filled with sorrow so much that you have forgotten how to cry?

She was betrayed by the one she loved most! She strove to please him and yet she was cast aside.

She buried her own children and crushe...

When My Sorrow Was Born
I.R. Adams

“Incredible brain challenging new moments
All lined up,
Ready to be explored.”

Version 2.0 draws you into the mind, feelings, thoughts and emotions of the writer at an important time of her life.

Version 2.0
Marian Romaine

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